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The Flexjet presence extends across much of the world, including Europe, supported by hundreds of ultra-modern private aircraft, strategically located private jet terminals, and private aviation's most robust proprietary maintenance network.

Flexjet's European headquarters sits at the renowned Farnborough airport; with specialised office locations in London's Mayfair, Malta, and our Sirio aircraft management & maintenance facility in Milan.

We hire flight crew based across Europe. If you have thought about joining our team, now is the time to join Flexjet as we continue our international expansion.

Discover Europe-based opportunities below.

Flexjet pilots enjoy the luxury of being based at their homes. You can choose from numerous bases across Europe and the U.K. with the ability to change your base. We value a work-life balance with mandatory days off in-between flight legs. Quality of life is important here and we encourage our pilots to enjoy their time off.

Red Label by Flexjet™ pilots assemble their own teams to crew the most advanced aircraft in our fleet. With superior pay and bonus potential, Red Label considers not only your seniority but also your distinction as a pilot. 

Flexjet pilots travel to and from aircraft at company expense and during scheduled days (no commuting during days off). Flexjet pilots may keep all hotel and frequent flyer points. Company-provided credit card is given for expenses while on the road.

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