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Flexjet pilots experience a higher quality of living, better benefits and more opportunities for growth than any other pilots in the industry.
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Join the highest-paid pilots in private aviation and fly the industry's most modern fleet.
As a Flexjet pilot you are the face of our Company and interact with our high-net-worth aircraft Owners on a daily basis. As such, Flexjet pilots lead the way in service, safety and style, and we reward this with a lifestyle far superior to other aviation providers.

Benefits at Flexjet

Unmatched Quality Of Life
Our pilots enjoy the luxury of being based at home. We offer over 115 domiciles to choose from and the ability to change domiciles as often as requested. 

Flexjet encourages mandatory days off in-between flight legs. We do not claim reserves and we will not call you on your days off. Quality of life is important here and we encourage a healthy work-life balance.
Industry-Leading Benefits Package
Flexjet pilots travel to and from aircraft at company expense and during scheduled days.
(No commuting during days off).

Flexjet pilots may keep all hotel and frequent flyer points. 

Company provided credit card is given for expenses while on the road.
Highest pay in the industry
First-year Flexjet pilots can expect to earn up to $175,000 in the first year.

A productivity bonus of $5,000 is available for any SIC crew member that is on the schedule for over 220 days in a calendar year.   

Part of your pay includes the tax free per diem at $42 per day or $8,484 annually — the highest per diem in the industry.
Opportunities for growth within Red Label
Our Red Label dedicated crewing model personalizes private jet travel to a level only before able to be experienced within a whole aircraft ownership enviornment.

Pilots within this designation assemble their own teams to crew the most advanced aircraft in our fleet.

With superior pay and bonus potential, Red Label considers not only your seniority but also your distinction as a pilot. 
Pilots are eligible after 30 days of employment and can contribute 1% to 90% gross salary, up to the annual IRS maximum of $23,000 and $7,500 catch-up (over age 50).

The Company will match up to 6%, dollar for dollar, of what the employee contributes into his or her 401(k). Flexjet offers annual retirement benefits up to 18% of earnings, in 401(k) match and direct contribution.
Deferred Compensation Program
Flexjet offers a generous deferred compensation program to all Flexjet pilots. 

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